This is the ultimate power breakfast! Goji berries and CocoCoast Natural coconut water the perfect healthy combination. This is like a soaked chia breakfast crossed with bircher muesli, light and soft and will leave you satisfied until lunch.


½ cup Rolled oats
3 Tbsp Goji berries
2 TbspGolden sultanas
2 TbspDried coconut
1 TbspChia seeds
¾ cup CocoCoast Natural Coconut water
1 Golden kiwifruit
1 Kiwifruit
2 Small Bananas
1 servingSoy milk, or almond milk to serve


1. Soak the oats, goji berries, sultanas, coconut and chia seeds in CocoCoast Coconut Natural Water, overnight in the fridge is ideal.

2. Serve with kiwifruit and the best bananas you can find, along with a good splash of soy or almond milk.